RBI (Reliance Build, Inc.)

Reliance Build, Inc. is a leading commercial general contractor in the Phoenix, AZ area — has been for decades. When it came time to update their brand to reflect the quality of their work, we started with discovery and strategy phases to zero in on their core values and to identify opportunities in the marketplace, which led to an official name change, new visual identity, new messaging and a communications suite that sets them apart. 

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Visual Identity

Over the years, the Reliance Build, Inc. visual identity has evolved as the company has grown. While the logo needed updating, RBI had equity in long-standing client relationships and their reputation in the community. Thus, we took an evolutionary approach to the logo, simplifying it while leveraging the triangle shapes that appear in the legacy logos. Their clients have long referred to them by the acronym "RBI," so the new identity makes that official in a clean, contemporary wordmark.

stationery 1_rbistationery 1_rbi
stationery 2_rbistationery 2_rbi
stationery 3_rbistationery 3_rbi
id guide_rbi_2id guide_rbi_2

While many of RBI's prospective clients are introduced by referral and through digital media, the real-life, personal interaction is a crucial step to what becomes a relational partnership. Tangible expressions like the brochures, takeaways and other print collateral we designed help RBI make a meaningful impression and help clients understand their capabilities.

bro 1_rbibro 1_rbi
bro 2_rbibro 2_rbi
Layer 18_rbiLayer 18_rbi

RBI's digital needs centered around a new, functional, flexible website. We designed a responsive, custom WordPress site that will allow RBI to keep their portfolio current, solicit leads, post jobs and connect with current clients. Most importantly, the site has the ability to scale and grow right along with RBI.

web home_rbiweb home_rbi