When Dr. Shannon Woods, orthodontist and smile expert, moved with her family back to her hometown of Bend, OR, to open a practice and serve her community, she needed to tell that story in an inviting and compelling way. We partnered on a comprehensive brand initiative, from strategy and messaging to identity, print, and digital design, as well as other marketing components. The results left us all with genuine smiles.

Visual Identity
Art Direction
Messaging & Copywriting
Print Design
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Gel Fuzion

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Visual Identity

As a new clinic, Woods Ortho needed to present itself in a way that told a unique and compelling story and built a versatile, timeless foundation on which the brand could grow and evolve. Sure, the graphic treatments — wood grain patterns, Cascadia tree silhouettes — play on the name; but the branding is also open and clean enough to set up the patients' experience and ultimately let the real heroes take center stage: Dr. Woods' wonderful patients.

woods ortho branding logo alternativeswoods ortho branding logo alternatives
woods ortho branding business cardwoods ortho branding business card
woods ortho branding letterheadwoods ortho branding letterhead
woods ortho branding id guidewoods ortho branding id guide

The brand experience extends beyond logo and stationery to a variety of touchpoint, from print materials and clinic design to tee shirts, with a flexible brand system that can grow and adapt right along with Woods Ortho — all without taking itself too seriously.

woods ortho branding monogramswoods ortho branding monograms
woods ortho branding referral padwoods ortho branding referral pad

In the digital age, nothing is as foundational as a functional, flexible website. We designed a responsive, custom site that will allow Woods Ortho to attract patients and staff as they grow and add additional custom features as needed.

woods ortho branding website responsivewoods ortho branding website responsive
woods ortho branding website homewoods ortho branding website home

"As a new business owner starting an orthodontic practice, finding our authentic brand and maintaining branding consistency was paramount. We interview multiple branding companies, and while many of them claimed to have superior customer services, no one delivered the quality, precision, and professionalism that Mister Jones provided. We couldn’t be happier with our brand, branding consistency and overall product that we received from Mister Jones. We give him the highest recommendation to anyone looking for quality, consistency and fun!" 

– Dr. Shannon Woods DMD, MS, Woods Ortho